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The Sales Vitamin Podcast

John Bossong

You're about to learn what they don’t teach you in school. In the Sales Vitamin podcast, host John Bossong deconstructs the play books of the most successful B2B sales authors, leaders and field practitioners and discusses their practical strategies, perspectives and insights. What if you could learn from a leading sales author, thought leader or top sales performer and soak in their years of knowledge and experience? Now, you’ll have a front row seat to learn proven practical sales skills, strategies and systems from the best. The Sales Vitamin Podcast is for anyone who wants to be the best sales professional they can be and take away real, practical sales guidance. My goal is to provide a platform that educates, teaches and helps develop B2B sales professionals at all levels. Each episode is a sales vitamin to enhance your sales development and growth. You will turn each vitamin into actionable advice you can use no matter what industry you are in. Topics will range from prospecting, how to advance deals through the pipeline, how to maintain a positive sales mindset, continuous sales education, using social media, how to utilize all sales channels, negotiating, territory management, managing a sales team and much more! If you want to improve and develop your sales skills, hit that subscribe button.