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Episode 58: Transformed Sales - Wesleyne Greer

June 06, 2021 John Bossong / Wesleyne Greer Season 2 Episode 58
The Sales Vitamin Podcast
Episode 58: Transformed Sales - Wesleyne Greer
Show Notes

Today's guest on The Sales Vitamin Podcast is sales leadership coach and Founder of Transformed Sales, Wesleyne Greer

Greer is the Founder and leader of Transformed Sales, a sales training organization that focusses on sales management training.   So, if you've recently promoted a sales rep to a sales manager or you are bringing in a new sales manager, Greer's team at Transformed Sales is who you need to guide you through the process.   

Greer and her team at Transformed Sales offers sales leaders the skills to create high-performing teams.   Her team helps sales leaders lead and develop teams which excel so they can cultivate long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships. 

Transformed Sales utilizes a Proprietary 7-Steps Leadership Blueprint, Highly Customized Training (No Cookie-Cutter Solutions), a consultative approach to selling, and they work with you to develop a Sales Process Flowchart that can be handed to salespeople on day one while transforming your sales by ensuring your salespeople are process-driven not people-driven.

Greer is also the host of the popular Snack Sized Sales Podcast where she provides relevant and practical sales and sales management information.  

Here's what we discuss in this episode: 

Wesleyne's background.

  • Why she focussed on sales management training.
  • Starting Transformed Sales.
  • Why sales managers struggle taking the leap.
  • Selling vs Managing a sales team. 
  • The Transformed Sales approach.
  • What's lacking in corporate sales training?
  • Key skills sales managers need to develop.
  • The 7-Step Sales Leadership Process.
  • Evaluating talent.
  • Sales coaching.
  • On-boarding sales new hires.
  • The Snack Sized Sales Podcast.
  • Sales & Social Media.
  • One sales vitamin. 

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